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  • Rubber BellowsThe rubber bellows we produced is a versatile seal used in a wide range of applications with strokes and motions. It is an ideal product to seal dust and other environmental elements together with convoluted rubber dust boots. Customized design for particular applications is available.
  • Rubber Brake ValveThe rubber brake valve is one of our competitive products with high quality. It is widely used in many applications due to its advantages including the excellent properties and high resistance to wearing, high/low temperature and oil. It is easy to mount and fast to deliver.
  • Rubber BushingThe rubber bushing is used in a variety of applications, such as the shock absorbers, vibration insulators, abrasion resistors, and so on. With a long lifetime and a variety of shapes and sizes, it is ideal to be used as seals for wires, pipes, tubing, and rods.
  • Rubber DiaphragmThe rubber diaphragm is a versatile seal used in a wide range of applications to handle various fluids, air, and vacuum sealing. With custom-design available, it can be engineered for specific pressure, mechanical requirements and fluid interaction.
  • Rubber Dust CoverThe rubber dust cover and silent block bushing is widely used in the gear lever of cars or buses. Made from excellent quality rubber, it is an ideal product for increasing the efficiency and long working life of automotives. Thanks to the heat resistance and crack proof it enjoys a long working life.
  • Rubber GrommetThe rubber grommet is widely used in applications to protect or cover through holes. It is well designed to eliminate sharp edges to protect your wires, cables, tubing and hoses and add aesthetic value to your application. Custom design of different dimensions and materials are available with good resilience feature to meet the vast requirements of our clients.
  • Rubber MountThe rubber mount is one of our popular product used in automotive industry, including the fuel pump, radiator, engine, gearbox and some locating items like ignition coil and even the power steering fluid reservoir. Designed with high quality, it is also used to quieten noisy pumps for fuel, water injection or intercooler water sprays.
  • Rubber StopperThe rubber stopper is our competitive product widely used in hoses, pipes, test tubes, lab bottles, medical labs, brewing and distilling systems, field test kits and numerous other lab and test functions. It can be cut to an exact length for its solid construction and commonly used as a bottle stopper.
  • Shock Absorber BootThe shock absorber we produced is popularly used in many applications including automotive, machinery, bathroom facilities, medical, household appliances, etc. Thanks to the excellent chemical and physical property and strong resistance to high/low temperature, oil/fuel, water, weather, ozone, etc, it is a durable and long-life product.
Other Products
  • Rubber Extrusion rubber extrusion offers excellent resistance to oxidation, ozone resistance and erosion resistance ability.
    It offers good insulation property.
    It offers stability towards temperature change.
  • Door Seal Sponge Rubber Extrusion The width of the foam seal is from 2mm up to 100mm and the thickness from 1mm to 50mm. According to different applications, we produce it in low, medium and high density. Foam seal have different ...
  • Coextrusion Door Seal Rubber Extrusion The coextrusion door seal rubber extrusion offers excellent ozone-resistance, cold-resistance, and heat-resistance.
    It has good insulation property.
    It offers stability towards ...
  • PVC Rubber Extrusion PVC and sealing profile is produced by rubber and PVC material. We glue the PVC trim and sponge bulb together. Used in the automotive industry, it is ozone, cold, heat and flex-crack resistant.