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Shock Absorber Boot

The shock absorber we produced is popularly used in many applications including automotive, machinery, bathroom facilities, medical, household appliances, etc. Thanks to the excellent chemical and physical property and strong resistance to high/low temperature, oil/fuel, water, weather, ozone, etc, it is a durable and long-life product. Different materials with different colors and hardness are available to meet your particular needs. In addition, the materials are environmental friendly.

A shock absorber is a part of the vehicle's suspension system and plays an important role in making sure the vehicle is operating safely and correctly. It is used in the car with 2 mounts, the upper mount and lower mount. The upper mount is to attach the shock absorber to the frame and the lower mount is to the axle. When your car hits a bump, the car shock absorber dampens the shock through a simple process and transfers the spring's energy to the piston. The piston moves up and down and is slowed by the fluid, which results in a slowing down of the spring's movement.

Besides the fluid friction described above, there are also several other types of shock absorbers available for vehicles. It is designed with important functions related to safety including controlling rolling and swaying of the vehicle.

Materials: silicone and rubber (, also NBR, , CR, NR, etc).
Colors: black, transparent, red, blue, any in PMS, Especially for the silicone products.
Hardness: 30 to 90 Shore A or IRHD, tolerance can be +/-5 Shore A, for some special products, we can reach +/-3 Shore A tolerance.
Features: Excellent chemical and physical property, high/low temperature resistance, oil and fuel, water, weathering and Ozone resistance etc.

Our company stocks over 6000pcs standard molds for the molded rubber parts. Popular types include rubber gasket, rubber O ring, rubber sealing, rubber washer, rubber bushing, etc. These molded rubber parts, such as oil seal, valve stem seal, bushing, bumper, and so on, are used in automotive industry, and applied to diesel engines, etc.

Our molded rubber parts can be used in other industry, for example, gasket, back-up rings, cup seals, wiper seal, v ring, and square ring are used for hydraulic industry. Components, diaphragms valves, and fluid sealing, as well as vibration and shock isolators, are especially used for compressors.

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