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Rubber Grommet

The rubber grommet is widely used in applications to protect or cover through holes. It is well designed to eliminate sharp edges to protect your wires, cables, tubing and hoses and add aesthetic value to your application. Custom design of different dimensions and materials are available with good resilience feature to meet the vast requirements of our clients. Different choices of materials including 60-Durometer and other different-hardness rubber and colors including black or other are available as your request. Thanks to the excellent adhesion, it fits standard sheet metal holes and can be installed instantly by simply snapping into holes.

Material: (Styrene Butadiene) 60 Durometer, other rubber and hardness is available
Color: Black or as your request
Temperature Range: 225°F to -50°F (107℃ to -46℃)
Certification: ISO9001: 2000/TS 16949/SGS/UL
Protect applications: wires, cables, tubing, and hoses

Our company stocks over 6000pcs standard molds for the molded rubber parts. Popular types include rubber gasket, rubber O ring, rubber sealing, rubber washer, rubber bushing, etc. These molded rubber parts, such as oil seal, valve stem seal, bushing, bumper, and so on, are used in automotive industry, and applied to diesel engines, etc.

Our molded rubber parts can be used in other industry, for example, gasket, back-up rings, cup seals, wiper seal, v ring, and square ring are used for hydraulic industry. Components, diaphragms valves, and fluid sealing, as well as vibration and shock isolators, are especially used for compressors.

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