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Custom Molded Rubber Parts

We's molded division focuses on designing and manufacturing custom molded rubber parts and molded rubber components for use in many industries.

Rubber Washers
We Rubber produces rubber washers by lathe cutting, die cutting and molding. Due to the variety of manufacturing methods, we can provide an unlimited range of sizes, compounds and quantities. The rubber washers and spacers have great utility to help reduce noise, vibration, electrical current, etc. We carry an array of these parts in both sponge and rubber materials. Our washers and spacers are custom selected to meet our consumers' needs and we have access to a variety of others that most likely will meet your needs as well.

Rubber Gaskets
All of our gaskets are custom made. We currently supply an assortment of die cut gaskets made from sponge or rubber materials. We also have flange gaskets and other types in stock. Essentially, we have the capability to create any gasket, so please contact us regarding the specifics of the part you are looking for.

Rubber Grommets
We offer a variety of standard rubber grommets, MIL spec (Military) grommets, compressor grommets, web grommets, blind grommets, etc. We can also meet any of your custom needs. Grommets represent the largest stock item in our warehouse. If you cannot find the specific size you desire, contact us and we will obtain the piece you need at an affordable price.

Rubber O-rings and Mounts
We have a wide selection of ring products in our warehouse and easy access to many more. From automobile construction to making airtight containers, our o-rings and rubber seals are useful in many areas. Our rubber and sponge washers and spacers help silence vibrations and limit stress on contacting parts. Our vast selection and access to these parts allows us to provide them to you at a very affordable price.

Rubber Plugs
Our selection of custom plugs has a variety of applications. Typically, rubber plugs are used to seal components containing chemicals and/or high temperatures.

In addition to the above parts, we can also supply rubber bumpers, rubber bellows, custom caps, rubber diaphragms, vibration isolation, flow control formed hoses, etc.

Our company stocks over 6000pcs standard molds for the molded rubber parts. Popular types include rubber gasket, rubber O ring, rubber sealing, rubber washer, rubber bushing, etc. These molded rubber parts, such as oil seal, valve stem seal, bushing, bumper, and so on, are used in automotive industry, and applied to diesel engines, etc.

Our molded rubber parts can be used in other industry, for example, gasket, back-up rings, cup seals, wiper seal, v ring, and square ring are used for hydraulic industry. Components, diaphragms valves, and fluid sealing, as well as vibration and shock isolators, are especially used for compressors.

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