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Our rubber washer, with an outer diameter of up to 1000mm, can be applied to flanges of any shape, including round and square shaped flange, and customized shaped one with numerous holes and slots around it.

Our rubber washer is made of various materials, including NR, , NBR, silicone, CR (neoprene), Viton, etc. Our rubber washer offers good sealing, is non-toxic and resistant to water, oil, aging, and insulation. It can be commonly found in hydraulic industry, automotive industry, etc. It is also available in household appliances.

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Rubber Washer Rubber Washer Rubber Washer Rubber Washer
Rubber Washer Rubber Washer CR Rubber Washer Viton Rubber Washer

Our company stocks over 6000pcs standard molds for the molded rubber parts. These molded rubber parts, such as oil seal, valve stem seal, bushing, bumper, and so on, are widely used in the automotive industry, where it can be applied to diesel engines. Our popular types include rubber gasket, rubber O ring, rubber washer, rubber sealing, rubber bushing, etc.

Our molded rubber parts can be also used in other industries, for example, gasket, back-up rings, cup seals, wiper seal, v ring, and square ring are used in the hydraulic industry. Diaphragms valves, components, and fluid sealing, as well as vibration and shock isolators, are used for compressors.

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