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Foam Rubber Cord

The foam rubber cord is one of our products widely used in a seal system in many places including door and window, automobile, electrical equipment, building and construction field, etc. It prevents dust, water and air from entering the sealing machine system to ensure a clear and safe environment for machines. It performs excellent in weather, aging, ozone, UV resistance and works properly in low and high temperature. By offering various materials with a range of hardness, sizes and colors, it greatly meets your requirement. Another excellent design is the wide temperature range from -60 to 220℃. In addition, customized sizes are available from 2mm to 50mm wide.

Material: Sponge/foam , Neoprene, Silicone, PU, etc.
Size: Customized as your drawing, sample with section profile from 2mm to 50mm wide.
Length: Usually 50 or 100 meters per roll. The foam rubber cord can be cut to a certain length as requested and joint to O-ring shape by glued or vulcanized.
Hardness: From 20 to 90 Shore A.
Temperature: From -60 to 220 degree Centigrade.
Color: White, Black, Red, Yellow, Blue. Etc
Standard: ISO 9001/TS 16949 approved.

Our rubber extrusion division stocks over 5,000 rubber extrusion profiles and moldings and can supply individual designs as required. Popular types are door seal, door weatherstrip, rubber extrusion profile, rubber seal, rubber seal strip, rubber sealing strip, rubber strip, window rubber, coextruded rubber seal, door trim, rubber window seal, window trim, sponge rubber seal, sponge rubber door seal strip, automotive rubber seal, rubber door seal, rubber window seal, garage door seal, rubber bulb seal, rubber D section, P section, ribbed section, tubing and cord, flaps, square and rectangle, foam seal, rubber bumper fender, and more. We welcome you to visit our page of rubber seal strips.

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