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EPDM Rubber Extrusion

1. rubber extrusion offers excellent resistance to oxidation, ozone resistance and erosion resistance ability.
2. It offers good insulation property.
3. It offers stability towards temperature change.
4. rubber extrusion is highly elastic. It will return to its original dimensions after elongation.

The rubber seal strip has many uses, including automotive use for bus body building, and the construction, marine and furniture edging industries, etc.

Automotive Industry
The rubber seal strip is used in automotive sealing profiles. It is endowed with features of ozone-resistance, cold-resistance, heat-resistance, flex-crack resistance along with excellent appearance. extrusions are used on doors of automobiles for protection against water and dust. It's a perfect sealing option and remains unaffected by climatic changes or varying temperatures. Another popular application of the profiles are door trims. The wear and tear of these applications mean that products manufactured only from high end compositions would survive.

Construction/Building Industry
The rubber seal strip is a popular choice in the construction sector. It serves as a sealing component for use between glass and aluminum sections. The profiles offer excellent sealing protection from external environments. As profiles display a high level of ozone resistance, the profiles can be sustained for a very long time.

Furniture Edgings, Marine Industry
The rubber seal strip can be used for decorative and functional purposes.

Listed below are some drawings of standard parts produced by rubber extrusion:

Type Size Section Type Size Section
SSRH-1 8×5.5×4 SSRH-14 11.3×12.7×5
SSRH-2 12×8.5×7.5 SSRH-15 64×7.5×9.8
SSRH-3 22×18 SSRH-16 19.5×9×6.5
SSRH-4 14.4×6 SSRH-17 20×12.5×5
SSRH-5 6.7×6×2 SSRH-18 11×9×6
SSRH-6 10.8×3.5×5 SSRH-19 12.6×10.8×7
SSRH-7 10×8×5.2 SSRH-20 13×5.6
SSRH-8 16×11×6.5 SSRH-21 18×14×6
SSRH-9 6.6×6×4.4 SSRH-22 22×6×7.7
SSRH-10 28×28×5.2 SSRH-23 6×4.5
SSRH-11 5.5×6×8.2 SSRH-24 6×1.6×8.5
SSRH-12 9×7×7.5 SSRH-25 11×9.5×8.3
SSRH-13 16×9.5×11.2 SSRH-26 7.4×6.3×5.1

Our rubber extrusion division stocks over 5,000 rubber extrusion profiles and moldings and can supply individual designs as required. Popular types are door seal, door weatherstrip, rubber extrusion profile, rubber seal, rubber seal strip, rubber sealing strip, rubber strip, window rubber, coextruded rubber seal, door trim, rubber window seal, window trim, sponge rubber seal, sponge rubber door seal strip, automotive rubber seal, rubber door seal, rubber window seal, garage door seal, rubber bulb seal, rubber D section, P section, ribbed section, tubing and cord, flaps, square and rectangle, foam seal, rubber bumper fender, and more. We welcome you to visit our page of rubber seal strips.

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